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Winter 2016-17 Buying Season at VinceConnCorvette.Com

You might have noticed our commercial if you have been watching any shows this month on the Velocity network. Vince has been steadily buying cars from all across the country this week. If you have a corvette that you are thinking about selling, winter is a great time to give us a call! We also pay broker fees!

Winter Storage Solutions at VinceConnCorvette.com

Thinking of selling your corvette but maybe hesitant because it is winter time? Not a problem! VinceConnCorvette.com buys corvettes in any condition- any season!

2009 ZR-1 Super Charged Experience

2009 Chevrolet Corvette ZR-1 with a 3ZR trim package. A beautiful black Corvette with black leather interior. Fastest production Corvette Chevrolet has produced up until 2009. 638 horsepower. LS9 super charged engine. A true American sports car.

Sunday Afternoon Film Shoot at VinceConncorvette.com

Maria Prekeges and camera man Mike stopped by the shop yesterday to film a segment for the upcoming television show “Corvettes Coast 2 Coast.” Vince sat down for an interview with Maria. Some footage of the Corvettes in the shop will be used in the upcoming 13 Original episode series beginning January 2017.

Examples of Corvette Inventory VinceConnCorvette.com Purchases

Corvettes Wanted! 1953-1972 Corvettes, in any condition, projects to premiums, nationwide, competitive buyer 1-800-850-3656 or vinceconncorvette.com

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