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2009 ZR-1 Super Charged Experience

November 8, 2016

Vince primarily buys the 1953-1972 C1, C2 and C3 model corvettes. These corvettes are always fun to take out on a nice leisurely Sunday drive. They are true America classic sports cars. There is a nostalgic feeling when taking a strait axel convertible through town on a summer evening to enjoy a classic vanilla ice cream cone. It is very Norman Rockwell.
However, there are those times when a late model opportunity comes across the desk. The need for speed then turns that Rockwell image into more of that crazed monkey with its tongue hanging out like on that show. Such was the case with the purchase of the 2009 ZR1. This was the fastest production Corvette Chevrolet produced up until 2009. 2009 was the re-introduction of the ZR1. Chevrolet produced the C3 ZR-1 from 1969-71, C4 ZR-1 produced from 1990-1995 and the C6 ZR-1 from 2009-2013.
The window in the hood showed the massive super charged LS9 engine with 638 horsepower. In 2009 these brand new Corvettes were selling for well over their sticker price at dealerships. I never dreamed, when I presented a 2009 Corvette ZR-1marketing report for a business class in college back in 2009 that I would one day actually ride around in a ZR-1 through town. Holding onto an ice cream cone comfortably in this car would definitely be difficult. This ZR-1 was beyond fast. It sat extremely low to the ground. It has the 3ZR trim package. The lower rocker moldings keep the air from getting underneath the car for better handling and control. This particular Corvette ZR-1 was black with black leather interior. It was just beautiful. We spent 2 days hand detailing every aspect of this corvette inside and out.
Driving through town was just as smooth and easy as with any other late model corvette – until Vince mashed that gas pedal to float the valves. To actually get the ZR-1 through all six gears and reach the maximum speed safely these kinds of Corvettes need a closed race track. When you can get to 91 MPH in 2nd gear you know there is a beast waiting to be unleashed behind that gas pedal.
Rumors are already starting to circulate about the C7 2018 Chevrolet Corvette ZR-1.  Will there be a convertible this time, a massive rear wing, $150,000 price tag? What kind of horsepower will they possess? At least a trip for an ice cream cone in a strait axel will not get you pulled over by a state trooper.
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Written by Katherine Conn