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Winter 2016-17 Buying Season at VinceConnCorvette.Com

December 15, 2016

          We have kicked off the Winter 2016-17 buying season here at Vinceconncorvette.Com! We are currently sold out of inventory on our website. We are looking for classic Corvettes in any condition, nationwide! Winter is actually our prime time season for buying. You might have noticed our commercial on various shows this month on the Velocity network. Our commercial ran last night on Wheeler Dealers and the night before on Gas Monkey Demolition Theater. These are two of our favorite shows. We will be advertising our commercial all month long on various shows on the Velocity Network.
          If you are unfamiliar with Velocity - it is basically a car guy channel. There are tons of shows devoted just to the classic car market. Some of the shows like Chasing Classic Cars with Wayne operate much like our business here in Alabama. He deals with various kinds of classic cars of all shapes, sizes and models; where we just focus on buying 1953-1972 Corvettes. All of the shows are interesting with cool cars. It is fun to watch people fix and restore all types of models of cars. There is always something new to learn about.  Gas Monkey Demolition Theater is a show full of viral video clips of various cars and people that have been caught on camera getting crashed, smashed or demolished in some crazy funny way. The Velocity Channel is a great way to pass the winter evenings in front of the fireplace.
          Vince has been steadily buying cars from all across the country this week. We are hoping they get safely shipped in without a lot of extra snow and ice coming to Alabama. We will definitely be updating the website and Facebook with new inventory as soon as it arrives. If you have a corvette that you are thinking about selling, winter is a great time to give us a call! We also pay broker fees! What a great way to earn a little extra Christmas cash! If you happen to know of a Corvette for sell, maybe in your friends garage or even a family member that you know doesn’t use the Corvette any more…give us a call at 1-800-850-3656. If it is something that we buy- we will send you a broker fee.
           As always, stay tuned for the latest happening at VinceConnCorvette.com, be sure sure to like us on Facebook to receive all of our latest posts, and view our latest new arrivals with our Corvettes for Sale.

Written by: Katherine Conn